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Natural Hair Show Beauty Battle


Fee – $50 per team

1. Five (5) stylists per team (all team members must be enrolled in Cosmetology program).

2. Five (5) models per team (models do NOT have to be enrolled in Cosmetology program).

3. School instructors are NOT allowed to be models.

4. No dressing rooms will be provided. Prep area will be provided.

5. All students on stage must be enrolled in the Cosmetology program of that school.

6. This is a total look competition. Judging will be made based off of theme focus, creativity, originality, suitability, total look and presentation.

7. Hair pieces, ornaments, and accessories may be used during presentation if secured properly.


8. Each school will have five (5) minutes to make their presentation on stage.

9. The International 30 point scoring system will be used for judging. All ties will be broken by judging with the tally from the onsite internet voting.

10. Skits and costumes are allowed (No nudity, grotesque, gothic, horror are allowed). Dancers are allowed as long as they are students of that school. No more than 10 (including models) people will be allowed on stage at a time. (i.e., If dancing is performed, it must be done by the stylists that are participating in the competition.)

11. Only five teams allowed per Cosmetology school. Accepted on a PAID only status.



Location: Main Stage / Marriott

Check-In Time: 12:00 p.m.

Rehearsal Time: 12:30 p.m.