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About Upside Productions

Upside Productions is an innovative savvy multi-marketing/promotions production company. Focusing on cutting-edge visibility, Upside Productions offers a wide range of promotional marketing services for independent / un-established artist(s), groups, models, comedians, actors/actresses, musicians, organizations, projects, fundraisers and many more – we work with all types of clients.

Flavored with a blend of networking, social media, and good ole-fashion tenacity, Upside Productions is richly creative and highly influential in reaching the masses – capitalizing on the MATRIX generation. Bottom-line: YOU GET ACCESS to THE PEOPLE.


Why Choose Upside Productions?

Our goal is to create new market opportunities providing personalized platforms while maximizing YOUR visibility —economically. In other words…. HIGH impact / low cost. Flowered with 11 years of expertise in public administration, coordination and promotions, Upside Productions will take that seed of a bud and bloom it into a spectacular flower.

Upside Productions takes pride in customizing our services to meet your needs. From coordinating your event to creating a media press kit, Upside Productions tailor our services specifically for your needs.


The Face Behind Upside Productions

tfaceUnbeknownst to me, Upside Productions started long before I filed my business license. The beginning stages sparked at an early age when I watched my mother plan and coordinate church events for family and friends. As I grew, I continued to flourish – absorbing everything around me as I traveled city to city, with my sisters, singing gospel as the Kindred Sisters. Being exposed to the entertainment industry, I quickly learned the process and discipline needed to make a production successful.

Although I have been coordinating programs and productions for years, I was unwilling to leap out of faith and take that plunge to start my own company. With undisputable love and support from my husband, I went from talking about it – to being about it.

I soon mastered the art of connecting with people and quickly developed a knack for getting a job done RIGHT, ON TIME and ON BUDGET. Along with my master’s degree, I quickly became my passion and now has changed who I am…

My personal philosophy is to keep on learning and growing using daily experiences to make each project or production bigger and better than the last. Always looking on the Upside.

– NaTesha Johnson, Upside Productions Owner


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